DBS Bank Ltd is a Singaporean banking and financial services company. It is one of the largest bank in South East Asia with branches across 17 countries around the world and was named “Safest Bank in Asia” for six consecutive years.

Providing not only commercial banking but also corporate banking for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), DBS Bank approached us to help design an online portal for their Banker’s Guarantee application. Prior to the project, the application was a long and tedious through paper forms.

DBS Bank wanted us to help make the application process a better experience for their customers

The redesign started from an evaluation of the previous application process, we understood from the users that the process of uploading documents and information searching was cumbersome and frustrating. The terminology on the paper application process was hard to understand and the need to input details from their ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) account was also a pain point for users.


To design an intuitive and fuss free application process for DBS Bank customers.

We came up with 3 strategies when designing
the Banker’s Guarantee Online Application.

Simplifying Webforms

Firstly, we needed simplify the cumbersome web forms. We want to minimise the pain of filling in web forms and make it as intuitive and easy as possible, making it clear for users the steps needed to be taken to fill in all the forms. We also needed to consider the context when the user fills in the forms, in addition the forms also needed to communicate in one clear and consistent voice.

Mobile First Approach

We adopted a mobile first approach, by having short and simple labels and ensuring that the form fields are responsive. This approach allows us to concentrate on fitting all components of the webform into the mobile screen, before moving onto the larger screen formats.This helps make the application multi-device friendly.

Design with Intent

Lastly, we needed help minimise distraction when the users are trying to complete the online application by helping them to focus on the tasks on each screens. Each steps of the Banker’s Guarantee application gathers enough information from the users, so that even if they did not complete the whole process, DBS bank is able to contact the users and give a better DBS business care service.

Our Design

We integrated the online application with the user’s ACRA account, so that the details were pre-filled. Document uploading was made easier for mobile and tablet application as the users can upload documents via a capture from their camera .

We set the user’s expectation clearly from the start, gradually engaging the users by indicating the steps needed to complete the process, showing the users their progress and status along the way. To minimise the pain of filling forms, we limited to less than five form fields in each step.

The content of the Banker’s Guarantee online application was organised to fit the user's context, and the tone of the content to be a friendly and personalised so to engage the users more.

We conducted user testing with four test participants on our design prototype, using in-depth interviews to first understand the participants businesses and their general attitude towards the product. We also conducted task based evaluation tests next. The user testing results revealed that the users liked our redesign. They were able to understand and follow the instructions on the forms and would be willing to use the online application themselves.

After further refinements, we were able to help DBS Bank revamp and create a more simple and friendly Banker’s Guarantee application process for their customers. The DBS Online Banker's Guarantee Application can now be accessed at here.