Banker’s Guarantee Online Application

Creating a simpler and friendlier mobile banking experience for SMEs

DBS Bank Singapore

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Unified Insurance Portal

Designing an integrated portal for a seamless online experience

Great Eastern and Hitachi eBworx

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Interactive Video Creator

Redesigning an easier and faster way of creating interactive videos


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Following a customer-focused innovation technique, we use an iterative design process to constantly revise and improve the product experience

Iterating Design Solutions

Feedback is what drives our design development. The valuable feedback from user testing helps us identify issues or opportunities which can further improve your product. As we gather more feedback, the product then consistently improves with each iteration.

"Our process is simple, it is always focused around building the product, testing it, and repeat. That way we can keep learning new things."

Divergent & Convergent Thinking

Our design thinking framework spans over four different phases, which relates to specific segments in each project. Here is where we employ the divergent and convergent thinking processes.

Discover & Design: We use divergent thinking to try to cover as much ground as possible; unearthing all possibilities and opporunities for our design solution.

Define and Deliver: Convergent thinking allows us to refine and narrow down to precise design issues or optimal design solutions.

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